Welcome to utopya’s documentation!

Welcome to utopya’s documentation!#

The utopya package provides a simulation management and evaluation framework with the following features:

  • Run model simulations in parallel and on cluster architectures

    • Conveniently perform parameter sweeps of arbitrary parameters with the help of the paramspace package.

  • A powerful CLI to run and evaluate models, including interactive plotting

  • Integrates the dantro data processing pipeline:

    • Loads data into a hierarchical data tree, supplying a uniform interface

    • Gives access to a configuration-based data transformation framework, separating data preprocessing from visualization for increased generality

    • Easy extensibility of plot creators via model-specific plot implementations

  • A versatile configuration interface for both simulation and evaluation:

    • Assembling multi-level model configurations, including several default levels

    • Assembling plot configurations with multiple inheritance, reducing redundant definitions

  • Model, project, and framework registration and handling

  • Managing data output directories

  • Tools to simplify model test implementations or working without a CLI

  • A backend library, utopya_backend that can be used for model implementations.

  • … and more.

The utopya package evolved as part of the Utopia Project and provides the frontend of the Utopia modelling framework. Having been outsourced from that project, it can be used with arbitrary model implementations with a very low barrier for entry: in the simplest case, only the path to an executable is required to run simulations. With more compliance to the utopya interface, more features become available.

The utopya package is open source software released under the LGPLv3+ license.

This documentation is WORK IN PROGRESS.

In the meantime, take a look at the Utopia documentation which indirectly documents many of utopya’s features.


If you find any errors in this documentation or would like to contribute to the project, we are happy about your visit to the project page.