Source code for utopya.model_registry.utils

"""Utility functions that work on the already initialized model registry."""

import logging
from typing import Tuple, Union

from .._yaml import load_yml
from ..parameter import extract_validation_objects
from . import MODELS
from .info_bundle import ModelInfoBundle

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

[docs]def get_info_bundle( *, model_name: str = None, info_bundle: ModelInfoBundle = None, bundle_label: Union[str, int] = None, ) -> ModelInfoBundle: """Determine the model info bundle in cases where both a model name and an info bundle are allowed as arguments. Args: model_name (str, optional): The model name. info_bundle (ModelInfoBundle, optional): The info bundle object. If given, will directly return this object again. bundle_label (Union[str, int], optional): In cases where only the model name is given, the bundle_label can be used for item access, e.g. in cases where more than one bundle is available and access would be ambiguous. Returns: ModelInfoBundle: The selected info bundle item Raises: ValueError: If neither or both model_name and info_bundle were None """ if model_name is None == info_bundle is None: # XOR-check existence raise ValueError( "Need either of the arguments model_name or " "info_bundle, but got both or neither!" ) if info_bundle: return info_bundle if bundle_label is None: return MODELS[model_name].item() return MODELS[model_name][bundle_label]
[docs]def load_model_cfg(**get_info_bundle_kwargs) -> Tuple[dict, str, dict]: """Loads the default model configuration file for the given model name, using the path specified in the info bundle. Furthermore, :py:func:`~utopya.parameter.extract_validation_objects` is called to extract any Parameter objects that require validation, replace them with their default values, and gather the Parameter class objects into a separate dict. Args: **get_info_bundle_kwargs: Used to retrieve the info bundle via :py:func:`~utopya.model_registry.utils.get_info_bundle` Returns: Tuple[dict, str, dict]: The corresponding model configuration, the path to the model configuration file, and the Parameter class objects requiring validation. Will be ``{}, None, {}`` if there is no default configuration available in the selected info bundle. Raises: FileNotFoundError: On missing file """ bundle = get_info_bundle(**get_info_bundle_kwargs) if "default_cfg" not in bundle.paths: log.debug( "No default model configuration available for '%s'.", bundle.model_name, ) return {}, None, {} path = bundle.paths["default_cfg"] log.debug( "Loading default model configuration for '%s' model ...\n %s", bundle.model_name, path, ) try: model_cfg = load_yml(path) except FileNotFoundError as err: raise FileNotFoundError( "Could not locate default configuration for " f"'{bundle.model_name}' model! Expected to find it at: {path}" ) from err # Collect the validation objects from the model configuration and replace # them with their default values model_cfg, to_validate = extract_validation_objects( model_cfg, model_name=bundle.model_name ) return model_cfg, path, to_validate