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"""This module implements various generic tools"""

import importlib
import os
import sys
from types import ModuleType
from typing import Any, Union

from .logging import backend_logger as _log

# -- YAML ---------------------------------------------------------------------

[docs]def load_cfg_file(fpath: str, *, loader: str = None) -> Any: """Loads a configuration file from the given file. Allows to automatically determine which kind of loading function to use. Currently supported loading functions: YAML Args: fpath (str): Path to the configuration file to load loader (str, optional): Name of the loader to use. If not given, will determine it from the file extension of ``fpath``. Returns: Any: The return value of the load function. Raises: ValueError: On invalid ``loader`` argument or a file extension that does not map to a supported loader. """ if loader is None: # Determine from file extension _, ext = os.path.splitext(fpath) loader = ext.replace(".", "") loader = loader.lower() # Determine load function # TODO add toml, json, … if loader in ("yaml", "yml"): from paramspace.yaml import yaml load = yaml.load else: raise ValueError( f"Unsupported loader '{loader}' for configuration file! Check the " "file path and the `loader` argument.\n" f" File path: {fpath}\n" f" Available loaders: yml, yaml" ) # Load now with open(os.path.expanduser(fpath), "r") as f: return load(f)
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs]def import_package_from_dir( mod_dir: str, *, mod_str: str = None ) -> ModuleType: """Helper function to import a package-like module that is importable only when adding the module's parent directory to :py:data:`sys.path`. The ``mod_dir`` directory needs to contain an ```` file. If that is not the case, you cannot use this function, because the directory does not represent a package. .. hint:: This function is very useful to get access to a local package that is *not* installed, as might be the case for your model implementation. Assuming you have an ``impl`` package right beside the current ``__file__`` and that package includes your ``Model`` class implementation: .. code-block:: text - # Current __file__ - impl/ # Implementation package |-- # Exposes impl.model.Model |-- # Implements Model class |-- ... You can get access to it like this from within ````: .. code-block:: python import os from utopya_backend import import_package_from_dir impl = import_package_from_dir( os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "impl") ) Model = impl.Model Args: mod_dir (str): Path to the module's root *directory*, ``~`` expanded. For robustness, relative paths are *not* allowed. mod_str (str, optional): Name under which the module can be imported with the *parent* of ``mod_dir`` being in :py:data:`sys.path`. If not given, will assume it is equal to the last segment of ``mod_dir``. Returns: ModuleType: The imported module. Raises: ImportError: If ``debug`` is set and import failed for whatever reason FileNotFoundError: If ``mod_dir`` did not point to an existing *directory* """ mod_dir = os.path.expanduser(mod_dir) if not os.path.isabs(mod_dir): raise ValueError( f"Need an absolute path for argument `mod_dir` but got: {mod_dir}" ) elif not os.path.isdir(mod_dir): raise FileNotFoundError( "The `mod_dir` argument to import a module from a path should be " f"the path to an existing directory! Given path: {mod_dir}" ) # Normalize it to ensure that it does not have a trailing slash mod_dir = os.path.realpath(mod_dir) # May need to infer module string if mod_str is None: mod_str = os.path.basename(mod_dir) # Need the parent directory in the path, because the import is only # possible from there. This, in turn, depends on the depth of the module # string, so the parent directory should be chosen accordingly. mod_parent_dir = mod_dir for _ in mod_str.split("."): mod_parent_dir = os.path.dirname(mod_parent_dir) _log.debug("Importing module '%s' from directory ...", mod_str) try: sys.path.insert(0, mod_parent_dir) mod = importlib.import_module(mod_str) except Exception as exc: raise ImportError( f"Failed importing module '{mod_str}'!\n" f"Make sure that {mod_dir}/ can be loaded without " "errors (with its parent directory being part of sys.path) " "and that the `mod_str` argument is correct; if you did not " "specify `mod_str` explicitly, consider doing so." ) from exc _log.debug("Successfully imported module from directory: %s", mod) return mod